'On Site' specialist services

Our expert consultants by your side every step of the project,

If you’re embarking on a  large scale construction project, you know you’re going to need regular need health and safety advice and support but what if it could be more than just asking a question or ensuring your project is within the law, what if someone could handle all of this for you and your contractors?

What about something different?

Our ‘On Site’ specialist services mean you’ll have one of our expert consultants by your side every step of the project, not via email, not on the phone (although we’ll do that too) but in person, on-site and managing first hand all of your health and safety needs.

We’ll adhere to your systems, policies and processes and run efficient and compliant operations which keep your project moving safely.

We become part of your team for the duration of your project, providing the full range of health and safety support and the benefit of our expertise but crucially only for as long as you need us meaning we’re helping you keep an eye on the bottom line too.

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Find out how we worked with Dow Chemicals to provide long term on-site support

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