Safety Smart Monthly Update December

19th December 2020 Posted in Blogs

If you missed out on our last newsletter – never fear! we’ve pulled together all the information in this blog post and there’s plenty to catch up on!

As we welcomed in a New year, we took a look back at the biggest H&S Prosections of 2019, focusing on the businesses who received large fines or prosecution for health and safety breaches.  The companies include for Chevron, DHL, Celsa, Hampshire Country Council, 2 Sisters Food, Clancy Docwra and Veolia – all held to account for inadequate health and safety. Read More Here 

We also shared advice Spotting the Signs of Domestic Abuse, As an employer, you may not think that your responsibility extends to employee’s home lives however the pandemic has demanded a change in approach, with the lines between work and personal more blurred than ever. IOSH have produced this guide on spotting the signs of domestic abuse and how to support employees. Get the guide hereComplacency about new driver technology can be dangerous, in the UK the driver of a camper van switched on cruise control to go into the back and make a cup of tea. The van was written off after crashing. This article for IOSH explores what employers can do to keep drivers safe and vigilant whilst harnessing new technology. Read The Article

And finally December’s featured case study featured a building contractor fined for asbestos failings. Salisbury Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 18 October 2017, there was a gas explosion at a flat at Market Place, Chippenham where construction work had been carried out to develop the property into flats. Read The Case Study 

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Our new website is LIVE!

We are super excited to launch our brand new site full of resources, industry news and more! >>>

#ClientFeedback " In my time in construction it is one of the most professional operations I have come across." want to find out more about our recent work with Dow Chemicals >>>

Our new website is LIVE!

We are super excited to launch our brand new site full of resources, industry news and more! >>>

Cutting and sanding wood can generate fine dust that can cause serious lung disease if the risks are not controlled. You don’t need to see dust to breathe it in. If you work in construction, find out how to stay safe: #WorkRight #DustKills

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