HSE respiratory health inspection initiative for the construction sector

11th October 2021 Posted in Blogs

Site inspections are taking place across the UK throughout October 2021. 

Every week, workers develop lung diseases that can be severe and cause early death. This year the HSE is focusing on the respiratory risks to construction workers from exposure to dust and helping businesses to understand the risks and how to protect long term health. 

Know the risks and stay safe  


You have a legal responsibility to protect workers and if you do not do this adequately, you put yourself and your business at risk.

Construction workers:

Don’t gamble with your future health by taking unnecessary risks today.

Small builders:

Plan jobs to eliminate the risks from dust where you can. Otherwise, use measures to control dust and minimise the risk to yourself and others.

Find out your rights, roles & responsibilities

The inspection initiative will run from Monday 4th – Friday 29th October 2021.

The purpose of this initiative is to support HSE’s continuing strategy to improve the health of construction workers and to support industry by raising awareness of health issues in relation to dust exposure. 

Visit HSE to find out more

Further information

This is not a one-off initiative but is part of HSE’s wider-phased, strategic plan developed to improve health within the construction industry.

The Health in Construction Leadership Council (HCLG) and Tier 1 industry contractors continue to support HSE’s long-standing commitment to improve health in the construction industry. HCLG is carrying out a parallel and complementary lung health initiative amongst its members, with extensive site visits throughout October to assess measures in place to protect workers from the respiratory risks from exposure to dust. Shared insights will provide HSE with a wider dataset to evaluate ongoing practices across industry and help inform the way HSE delivers future sector health initiatives.

This guidance is provided by HSE. 

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Our new website is LIVE!

We are super excited to launch our brand new site full of resources, industry news and more! >>> http://www.safety-smart.co.uk

Cutting and sanding wood can generate fine dust that can cause serious lung disease if the risks are not controlled. You don’t need to see dust to breathe it in. If you work in construction, find out how to stay safe: https://workright.campaign.gov.uk/campaigns/construction-dust/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=health-construction-dust-2022&utm_term=workright&utm_content=all #WorkRight #DustKills

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